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name] ilded s股指期货贴水什么意思tatue

规格】长:10厘米 宽:5厘米 高:7厘米

Specification】 L: 10cm W: 5cm H: 7cm



象尊是商周时期一件造型、纹饰构成最具匠心的立体造型器物。全器为象形股指期货贴水什么意思,上扬的鼻为中空的流,流口是一组虎、鸟组合,鼻下有一蛇纹;象额有涡状蟠虺纹一对;耳正面为云雷纹,背饰凤纹;器表饰龙纹、兽面纹。 其躯体肥硕敦实,长鼻高翘,鼻孔向前平伸,嘴向前突出,露出剑齿状门牙;象背平直四肢粗壮有力,足有五趾,尾短下垂,尾接臀部处有一道扉棱突起。其卷起的象鼻略呈反S形,既有凝重感,线条流畅又不呆板,活脱脱是现实生活中的象形。象尊通体鎏金象身布满红宝石,主体部位饰饕餮纹、夔纹,鼻上饰鳞纹,额上有蛇纹,纹样均呈浮雕式,简直就是一具立体雕塑像。

Xiangzun is the most ingenious three-dimensional modeling object in Shang and Zhou dynasties. The whole vessel is pictograph, the rising nose is hollow flow, the flow mouth is a group of tiger and bird combinations, under the nose there is a snake pattern; the elephant forehead has a pair of whirlpool ASPS pattern; the front of the ear is cloud and thunder pattern, the back is decorated with phoenix pattern; the surface of the vessel is decorated with dragon pattern and beast pattern. Its body is plump and stocky, its long nose is high and cocked, its nostrils are stretched forward and its mouth is protruding forward, showing the sword teeth like incisors; its back is straight, its limbs are strong and strong, its feet have five toes, its tail is short and drooping, and its tail is connected with the buttocks, which has a protrusion of a leaf edge. Its rolled up trunk is slightly anti-s-shaped, with a sense of gravity, smooth lines and not rigid, which is the real life pictograph. The gilded body of Xiangzun is full of rubies. The main part is decorated with Taotie pattern and Kui pattern. The nose is decorated with scale pattern and the forehead is decorated with snake pattern. The patterns are all relief, which is a three-dimensional sculpture.


Archaeological excavations show that there were few bronze statues in the early Shang Dynasty. After entering the late Shang Dynasty, with the smelting and casting technology entering the peak stage, the development of Bronze Zun also appeared a prosperous scene. There is a kind of wine Buddha that imitates the shape of birds and animals. Therefore, modern scholars classified "bird and beast" as a special category, from which the academic circle also said more. Among the birds and animals, there is the elephant. For example, in "spring official · Si Zun Yi", it is recorded that "Si Zun Yi: the position of six masters and six Yi In his dynasty, he used two to offer respect, and another two to offer respect, so he mentioned "image respect"


Elephant is the largest land animal on the modern earth. In the legend, when Shun cultivated the land in Lishan Mountain of Jinan, there was an allusion that elephants plowed the land and birds sowed the valley. This is not just the imagination and legend of the ancients. Today, there are many unearthed objects to prove that in today's Central Plains area, more than 4000 years ago in ancient times, there were abundant forests and grass, humid climate, and the existence and presence of elephant groups. "Lu's spring and Autumn period · ancient music" talks about "the merchants wear the elephant to abuse the eastern barbarians", which shows that the merchants sometimes use the elephant team in the war. Therefore, the bronze wares of this period, when cast with the real image as the model, will appear such lifelike image respect. In Hunan Provincial Museum and the flier Art Museum of the United States, there are statues of the Shang and Zhou dynasties.


According to related documents, five bronze statues have been found in museums at home and abroad. Among them, three pieces of Xiangzun in the Shang Dynasty should be the relics and proof of the south migration of the Shang Dynasty, not cast in Hunan; this kind of bronze Xiangzun is mostly scattered between mountains and rivers, rather than unearthed in the Central Plains tombs, so it is also one of the puzzles solved by the cultural relics and archaeologists up to now. At the same time, it is found that there is one Xiangzun of the Western Zhou Dynasty and one Xiangzun of the unknown age, both of which are cultural relics in the collection of "Zhenguan treasure". This collection is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese bronzes, with historical edification and high value. It is also a rare object for Archaeology and research of Chinese history and culture. Precious Xiangzun records the earth shaking history of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, which contains profound collection and economic value.